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Coinetest Merthur Challenge: Week 2

Week #02 - Favourite Outfit of Merlin

What is your favourite outfit that Merlin wears?

Note: This can be either from the show, or from any kind of AU/fanart/etc.

Note #2: Please do not forget to use all the tags we assign for the challenge! Please only submit ONE entry for the challenge. If you wish to change your entry before the deadline, either edit the post so it no longer says anything about COiNETEST, or delete it entirely.


  1. Complete the challenge before Saturday, 14th May, midnight CET.

  2. Post your entry to either Twitter or Tumblr - use the same platform you used last time!

  3. On twitter, use the hashtags #coinelot #coinetest #merthur #merlin.

  4. On tumblr, use the tags coinelot, coinetest, merthur, bbc merlin within the first five tags.

  5. On tumblr, additionally mention @coinelot​ in your post if you’re reblogging another post as your entry.

  6. On twitter, do not repost any fanworks, only post a link to what you like to submit for the challenge!

General advice and guidelines

  • You can create fanworks of any kind, or simply make a text post.

  • You may retweet or reblog an existing post/tweet that is NOT an entry for this challenge if it is relevant to the current challenge.

  • You may NOT repost somebody else’s graphics/fanart/fanfiction/fanworks of any kind. Doing so will cause your immediate disqualification from this challenge.

  • Do NOT change your username at any point during the challenge as we will not be able to keep track of you - you would be disqualified.

  • You may create any kind of fanwork that gives a clear answer to the task.

  • Creating something is not more eligible to win than reblogging somebody else’s creation. All entries have equal chance at winning.

  • For more information on how to win, please see the introduction post.

Round-up of last week’s entries

If you’ve posted your entry before the deadline but are not mentioned in this post, contact us immediately and we will check what’s happened. It’s likely we merely missed it or accidentally forgot to mention your post. (In that case: please forgive us, we’re doing our best not to let it happen again.)

If you’ve missed the challenge, see the introduction post for what to do if you still wish to participate in the COiNETEST.

Entry #1 by @romies-merthurian-pornation

Entry #2 by @a-tardis-blue-sun-rises

Entry #3 by @ofkingsandlionhearts

Entry #4 by @brolinskeep

Entry #5 by @brolin-truelove

Entry #6 by @elirwen

Entry #7 by kyathariina on twitter

Entry #8 by TheRealTati20 on twitter

Honorary mention, not eligible to win:

Honorary #1 by @tracionn + twitter

Honorary #2 by @momotastic27 + twitter

Honorary #3 by @brolinskeep
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